Christine Roland-Lévy

President of IAAP

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Amigas y Amigos Y Colegas,

Cher.e.s ami.e.s, Cher.e.s Collègues,

On behalf of the International Association of Applied Psychology, IAAP, I am delighted to invite you to join our Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology, CCAP, which will take place in Cancun, in December 2020!

The CCAP 2020 will conclude our Centennial celebrations and we look forward to welcoming many new participants joining the traditional international community of psychologists from all over the world.

The Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology will be a memorable platform bridging psychological traditions of the North and the South, bringing together practitioners and researchers in psychology. It will be the occasion to reaffirm the importance of applied psychology for society in general and for the world as a whole.

Today, IAAP is the largest and oldest international association of psychology based on individual membership coming from about one hundred different countries. Its mission is succinctly stated in Article 1 of its Constitution: […] “to promote the science and practice of applied psychology and to facilitate interaction and communication among applied psychologists around the world.” And this is what the CCAP will do.

The CCAP 2020 will contribute to creating a better world for the future.

Besides, Cancun is a great place for relaxation in December, so after the Congress make sure you stay for some warm holidays on the beach!

Welcome to the Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology, CCAP!

Welcome to Cancun in 2020